Vitamin D Injection
for Fibromyalgia
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Vitamin D Injection for fibromyalgia

Vitamin D Injections for Fibromyalgia

Based on the articles below, people with unexplained chronic pain may be deficient in Vitamin D. If you would like to check if you are deficient in Vitamin D, the correct test to take is the 25(OH)D.

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Article from Medical News Today:

Article from the University of Florida College of Medicine:

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Treatment Ratings for FMS Symptoms
Fibromyalgia Tender Point Pain Relief 9.00 9.00
Myofasical Trigger Point Pain Relief 9.00 9.00
More Energy / Mental Clarity 7.00 7.00
Better Sleep 1.00 1.00
No Side Effects 9.00 9.00
Convenience 5.00 5.00
Cost/Benefit 10.00 10.00
Depression Relief 5.00 5.00
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Relief   8.00 8.00
Genitourinary Problem Relief 3.00 3.00
Skin Problem Relief 6.00 6.00
Hyopoglycemia Relief n/a n/a

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Awsome results    05/09/08
Reviewed by:     Location Not Given
I noticed within 3 days that this was really going to work. The injections are difficult to get used to at first, but once you experience the results, it is really not much of a problem.

Treatment Time Frame: 1 Month
Treatment Frequency: 1 Time Per Day

Fibromyalgia Tender Point Pain Relief 9.00 9
Myofascial Trigger Point Pain Relief 9.00 9
More Energy / Mental Clarity 7.00 7
Better Sleep 1.00 1
No Side Effects 9.00 9
Convenience 5.00 5
Cost/Benefit 10.00 10
Depression Relief 5.00 5
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Relief   8.00 8
Genitourinary Problem Relief 3.00 3
Skin Problem Relief 6.00 6
Hypoglycemia Relief n/a n/a

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Displaying 1-1 of 1 ratings and reviews.

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